Origami! The Japanese art of paper folding. Create beautiful structures and improve coordination. I combine origami with storytelling and design, engaging language skills and science concepts.

Origami Stories

With each fold, a new part of the story is revealed. Origami storytellers memorize both the origami figure and the accompanying tale. Stimulates both sides of the brain simultaneously and improves memory and recall skills.

Come to the debut Origami Stories class this summer at MJC Community Education:

Origami Stories (Ages 6-9)
MJC Community Education summer class
July 10 – 12, Tues & Thu, 10 am – 12 pm
2 sessions, John Muir Hall, West Campus, Room 261

Origami in Motion

See origami structures in motion and learn about the forces that put objects in motion. Rocking, spinning, drifting, hovering, etc. Make the paper move.

Interested in Origami in Motion and/or other origami lessons? Send me an email for details. Workshops, lessons, one-on-one, or small group tutoring available.

Artwork designed by brgfx / Freepik