I love books, all books (OK, don’t tell anyone, I like some better than others…) Always an avid reader, I made sure to stay close to books throughout my life– studying English literature in undergraduate and graduate school and working in various publishing jobs since graduation.

Born in The Netherlands, I have lived in many different places around the world. I now live in Modesto, California and work as an Adjunct Instructor for the Language & Literature Department at Modesto Junior College as well as a community education instructor and a private tutor of writing and language skills, literary appreciation and analysis, and creative writing. I’m also proud to be an accredited instructor for the Institute for Excellence in Writing, a powerful writing program for students of all ages.. In another lifetime, I was a literary agent for children’s books.

With a Master’s degree in English Literature and years of reading and writing experience, I am passionate about the written word and look forward to inspiring others to be equally passionate about reading and writing.